Lesson Plan Free Download

While preparing a lesson plan for any class the pupil-teacher should keep the following points in mind:
  • Lesson plan should be written neat, clean and accurate.
  • Introduction of topic should be relevant and systematic.
  • The aim should be announced clearly in specific term.
  • Explanations of subject-matter should be well organized.
  • Experiment should be simple, suitable and relevant.
  • Experiments should be conducted systematically with the help of students.
  • The blackboard and other various stimuli should be used effectively.
  • Student should be encouraged and new situation should be created for refocusing.
  • Teaching aids should be relevant, attractive visible and should be used at proper time.
  • There should be full participation of students.
  •   Recapitulation should be adequate, effective and objective.
  • http://www.rsnotes.in/lesson_plan.html